About Me

I live in Norfolk and spend a part of the year in Jerusalem where my family live. I was a cello teacher here in the UK and also for a number of years in Jerusalem but now I have  the leisure, pleasure and time to indulge in my passion, photography.

I have been taking photos as long as I can remember. My grandmother was a professional photographer and as a child I spent some time travelling around witimg_0007h her. I have been taking photography seriously for about 8 years, taking an online diploma course with the Photography Institute which I completed.

I love looking at the works of many photographers and particularly those of Paul Strand and Ansel Adams to name a few. I have no area that I specialise in but I do love to work in the landscape and take portraits of my nearest and dearest. I also love taking photos at religious ceremonies especially in Jerusalem. I have made a number of very short films using my photos to accompany my father’s music.

I use 2 cameras – a  Canon 60D and Fujifilm X-T1.